Real-time Analytics

See EMS statistics in real-time to facilitate actionable decisions and response.

Unified EMS Information

Aggregate data from multiple sources to provide a unified response platform.

Improved Trauma Response

Pre-arrival notification improves resource management for EDs and physicians.

Streamline Your Emergency Response with DataTech911 Solutions

EMS solutions by DataTech911 streamline emergency response efforts by using real-time analytics to aggregate and display actionable information. Teams can respond to situations more effectively and with greatly improved situational awareness.

Take full advantage of today’s technology with our EMS management software solutions. Interfacing directly with 9-1-1 systems, our solutions enable teams to coordinate efforts with hospital EDs, multiple CADs, PSAPs, and other agencies.

DataTech911 solutions improve situational awareness and the performance of first responders.

StatusNet911 is one of the most important tools in our EMS System. We depend on StatusNet911 to send critical information to hospitals, maintain real-time status of hospitals, and to assist in the management of multi-casualty incidents.

Daniel Lynch, EMS Director, Central California EMS Agency

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Use Analytics to Improve EMS Productivity and Performance

DataWatch911 real-time monitoring provides data to effectively manage total EMS response system performance, workload, and compliance metrics. Things improve when they are measured. DataWatch911 uses its sophisticated analytics to measure and provide hard data to improve real-time responder performance, to alert on areas and resources needing attention, and to support management decision making.

DataWatch911 streamlines and simplifies EMS response analytics and reporting to improve the entire EMS management process. Information is derived directly from raw 9-1-1 CAD system data for real-time alerts when performance variables approach contractual or internal thresholds. Actively review and respond to situations and resources as alerts occur.

Learn more about how DataWatch911 can improve productivity and performance of your EMS efforts.


Effectively Coordinate EMS Efforts - Daily and During MCIs

StatusNet911 is a platform that unifies the efforts of EMS responders, hospital EDs, EMS agencies, first responders, 9-1-1 PSAPs and public health departments so they communicate more effectively to track, dispatch and manage all available resources.

StatusNet911 provides secure real-time data access. Broadcast individual, response team, local, regional and state-wide alerts and communications. Incident data along with available response resources are shared in real-time allowing efficient management of patient distribution and MCI management

Learn more about the ways StatusNet911 can improve your response efforts.


Automate Emergency Call Routing While Streamlining Communication Across Agencies

FirstResponse911 connects primary PSAPs and secondary PSAPs with all other emergency responders across multiple jurisdictions.

Multi-jurisdiction call routing and automated EMS call notification means dispatch facilities and responding agencies in your community have access to the real-time 9-1-1 CAD call information and analytics they need to respond effectively. FirstResponse911 enables dispatchers to focus on incoming calls to ensure the fastest responses possible.

Learn more about how FirstResponse911 can improve response times and coordinate efforts.

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