DataTech products include StatusNet911, FirstResponse911, BioAlert911, and DataWatch911.

Multi-Source Real Time Biosurveillance Unlock Raw CAD Data in Real Time PSAP CAD to CAD Interoperability Seamless Response Coordination Between Hospitals

DataTech911 solutions, including advanced biosurveillance and EMS software, interface directly with 911 systems to enhance the speed and effectiveness of emergency response.  By raising the level of coordination and interoperability between multiple CADs, PSAPs, and simultaneous responding agencies across multiple municipalities, DataTech911 software facilitates simple, more effective EMS management and coordination.

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BioAlert911 provides real-time monitoring and early detection of public health issues, outbreaks and potential bio-terrorism activity. Using real-time access to CAD, hospital and national data, BioAlert911 provides statistical analysis to predictively alert on areas of concern for pandemics and bio-terrorism. More…

DataWatch911 provides real-time monitoring, alerting, and reporting of system performance, compliance factors, and workload. Using real-time CAD data, DataWatch911 simplifies EMS management and accurately monitors and measures the true operational and response quality of emergency service. More…

FirstResponse911 is a fully interoperable, fully automated emergency call notification and enhanced communication solution between primary PSAPs, secondary PSAPs, and other emergency responder agencies, providing seamless CAD-to-CAD/PSAP-to-PSAP interface. More…

StatusNet911 is advanced EMS software that provides a response coordination platform between your public health department, EMS agency, first responders (police/fire/EMS), 911 PSAPs, and hospitals for enhanced communication, tracking, and management of available resources. StatusNet911 provides hospital status and diversion information to EMS personnel to improve ambulance routing and multi-casualty incident (MCI) support. More…