About Us

Public safety solutions to enhance emergency response and EMS management

our mission

We are committed to building solutions that support improved pre-hospital care by integrating, analyzing, and unifying EMS response data.

What we do

Our EMS solutions provide real-time analytical and vital operational information to emergency officials during regular operations and during multi/mass casualty incidents — helping first responders identify and react to medical emergencies with the best and most timely care.

DataTech911 solutions, comprised of DataWatch911, FirstResponse911, and StatusNet911 interface directly with existing EMS and 9-1-1 systems to enhance the speed and effectiveness of emergency response.

By raising the level of coordination and interoperability between multiple CADs, PSAPs, dispatchers and responding agencies across multiple municipalities, DataTech911 software solutions facilitate rapid, more effective EMS management and coordination.

We believe “The best way to improve operational EMS is to triage the system with KPIs, inject large doses of measurement, and apply best practices to quality improvement processes.”

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