Multi-Source Real Time Biosurveillance

What it Does: BioAlert911 is a comprehensive community syndromic surveillance solution designed to meet the challenge of multi-organizational use. Utilizing advanced syndromic surveillance technology, BioAlert911 provides real-time monitoring and the early detection of public health issues, outbreaks and potential bio-terrorism activity.

Need: Currently there is no effective way to gather and evaluate syndromic surveillance data from multiple sources in real-time. There is also a need to provide alerting and notification capabilities to agencies responsible for alerting, responding, and managing public health conditions and threats.

Vision: “Imagine being able to monitor live biosurveillance data in real-time from multiple sources (EMS, hospitals, clinics, schools, vector and animal control). When a potential public health situation occurs, emergency and public health agencies are notified and provided with the tools needed to evaluate, confirm, and respond to public health threats and conditions. BioAlert911 is the foundation to a local, statewide, and national biosurveillance network.”


  • Monitor multiple data sources including CAD systems in real-time
  • GPS mapping and alerting system
  • Geographical clustering of potential health issues
  • Temporal clustering (incident occurrence over time)
  • Reports, charts and graphs
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Monitor biosurveillance data from a remote location
  • Rapid evaluation of potential health threats
  • Alert auto-paging and notification
  • Optional multi-residential auto-calling feature available