Multi-Source Real Time Biosurveillance

Syndromic BiosurveillancePotentially devastating biological or chemical threats can occur naturally, by accident or as a result of intentional human action. Detecting these threats as quickly as possible can prevent the spread of an infectious disease or other cataclysmic life-threatening event.

BioAlert911 is a revolutionary real time biosurveillance system that can alert public health officials and other authorities as soon as these event are suspected, providing a prompt, targeted response that can save lives.

What it Does: BioAlert911 is a comprehensive community-based syndromic surveillance software solution designed to meet the challenge of multi-organizational use. Utilizing advanced syndromic surveillance technology, BioAlert911 provides real-time monitoring and the early detection of public health issues, outbreaks and potential bio-terrorism activity.

How Biosurveillance Software Works: This infection surveillance software works behind the scenes, utilizing a variety of sophisticated analysis methods to organize relevant data from many different sources in the community. This infection surveillance system is designed to provide an automated electronic alert to the appropriate authorities the instant a possible threat is detected.

By providing 24/7 monitoring capabilities, the BioAlert911 syndromic surveillance system gives you total peace of mind. You’ll know your community has the capability to stop a biological or chemical threat as soon as it is detected.

The Need for Infectious Disease Surveillance Systems: Effective disease surveillance systems such as BioAlert911 have become a necessity in our technologically-advanced society. Today, the danger of a biologically or chemically induced infectious disease outbreak is an everyday reality. Currently there is no effective way to gather and evaluate syndromic surveillance data from multiple sources in real-time.

There is also a need to provide alerting and notification capabilities to agencies responsible for alerting, responding, and managing public health conditions and threats. BioAlert911 provides an effective solution that communities like yours can always depend on.

Benefits of Implementing DataTech911’s Biosurveillance Software Solution:

  • Monitor multiple data sources including CAD systems in real-time
  • GPS mapping and alerting system
  • Geographical and Temporal clustering of potential health issues
  • Reports, charts and graphs
  • Monitor biosurveillance data from a remote location
  • Rapid evaluation of potential health threats
  • Alert auto-paging and notification

No Changes required to Your Current Systems or Processes

BioAlert911 can be integrated into your current operating procedures without having to make changes to existing processes or protocols. No additional hardware or monitoring equipment required.

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Don’t take chances with the health and safety of your community. Real time surveillance of infectious diseases is something that no community can do without these days. Contact DataTech911 to learn more about how the BioAlert911 biosurveillance system can be your best defense against chemical and biological threats.