Unlock Raw CAD Data in Real Time With DataTech911’s Innovative EMS Reporting Software

EMS Data SoftwareHow comfortable are you in your ability to effectively monitor your computer-aided dispatch system? Does it sometimes feel like your CAD is managing you? DataWatch911 is data management software for EMS that streamlines and simplifies not only EMS data reporting, but the entire EMS management process as well. DataWatch911 can help you effectively monitor CAD system performance and improve accountability and productivity in single and multiple dispatch center operations.

What it Does: DataWatch911 provides real-time monitoring, alerting, and reporting of the EMS performance, all compliance factors, and real-time and historic workload. An innovative system status management solution, DataWatch911 provides real time emergency response metrics utilizing raw CAD data, making it easier for emergency response management to quantify agency performance.

The Need for EMS performance software: Many emergency response agencies and oversight organizations use cumbersome, error-prone tools to monitor system-wide response performance. With information derived directly from raw CAD data, this user-friendly 911 system status management software tool allows you to more efficiently monitor all measurable data on a real time basis and alert you when performance variables approach pre-set limits.

  • Monitor your EMS performance and workload in real-time, at your desk or from any remote location
  • Customized Unit Hour Utilization (CUHU)
  • Capture system problems and issues before they escalate
  • Quickly view all response specifics
  • Turn raw CAD data into easy to understand reports and graphs
  • GPS mapping of incident location
  • Calculate incident probabilities and forecasting
  • Automatic alerting when pre-defined system thresholds are reached
  • Increased productivity and accountability
  • Reduced liability and costs

DataWatch911 Is a 911 Supervisor’s Operational Dashboard

DataWatch911 is equipped with everything you need to efficiently monitor the performance, provide reporting and even plan future improvements to your 911 call and dispatch center operation. A host of supervisory tools are also included that provide valuable personnel, equipment and resource information.

Monitor Computer Aided Dispatch Data Without Disrupting Existing Operating Procedures

Not only can DataWatch911 can provide the real time EMS reports and data you need, but more importantly it will to improve the operation of your call and dispatch center operation without having to disrupt current operating procedures, processes or protocols. More than just EMS reporting software, DataWatch911 is a total real-time management tool.

Learn More About How DataWatch911 Can Improve the Performance of Your Call Center

Efficient 911 call center performance is something that should not be taken for granted. DataWatch911 software is a valuable tool for:

  • managing productivity and accountability
  • monitoring all vital 911 metrics
  • monitoring overall system performance in real time

Contact DataTech911 today to learn more about the many benefits this total 911 systems status management software solution.

What Our Clients Say:
“Mecklenburg EMS Agency has relied on DataWatch911 for many years. It is a vital component of our dispatch operations which has helped us manage systems-wide productivity and accountability. It monitors total system performance, all compliance factors, and all customized workload metrics in real-time.”

– Todd Sims, Operations Manager, Medic Mecklenburg EMS Agency