Unlock Raw CAD Data in Real Time

What it Does: DataWatch911 provides real-time monitoring, alerting, and reporting of the EMS  performance, compliance factors, and workload. An innovative system status management solution, DataWatch911 provides real time emergency response metrics on raw CAD data making it easier for emergency response management to quantify and report on agency performance as required by local, state, and federal governments.

The Need: Many emergency responder agencies and oversight organizations use cumbersome,error prone tools to track and report on system response performance. With easily accessible information derived directly from raw CAD data, this system status management tool allows you to more efficiently dispatch your ambulance fleet, resulting in quicker response times. 

Vision: “Imagine being able to monitor your CAD system in real-time No more cumbersome report queries to create and maintain. All your system reporting and monitoring tools are in one place. If a critical system issue occurs … you can be immediately alerted.”


  • Monitor your EMS performance and workload in real-time
  • Turns raw CAD data into easy to understand reports and graphs
  • Capture system problems and issues before they escalate
  • Quickly view all response counts and calculations
  • View and print real-time and archived reports
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Monitor your system from a remote location
  • Export all reports to Excel
  • View live incidents and GPS map data
  • System Status Management – Calculate incident probabilities and forecasting
  • Automatic alerting to pre-defined system thresholds
  • Increased productivity and accountability
  • Reduced liability and costs
What Our Clients Say:“Mecklenburg EMS Agency has relied on DataWatch911 for many years. It is a vital component of our dispatch operations which has helped us manage systems-wide productivity and accountability. It monitors total system performance, all compliance factors, and all customized workload metrics in real-time.”

- Todd Sims, Operations Manager, Medic Mecklenburg EMS Agency