PSAP CAD-to-CAD Interoperability
What it Does: FirstResponse911 dispatcher software is an ideal tool for emergency medical dispatch centers, and provides state-of-the-art solutions for CAD-to-CAD interface between two or more PSAPs. 

The Need: The majority of PSAPs share information with other PSAPs via telephone line or radio. Using the telephone to exchange critical response information is time consuming, cumbersome, and prone to human error (i.e., forgetting to relay critical scene information or forgetting to transfer a call). Human error aside, emergency medical dispatch centers relying on traditional radio use alone may miss important information due to limited multi-agency frequency issues or heavy radio traffic. FirstResponse911 advanced dispatcher software makes the organization and transfer of CAD information between PSAPS more efficient, resulting in improved response times.

Vision: “Imagine having all your area PSAPs talking and sharing real-time information with each other. Imagine having call information automatically transferred to other PSAPs. Imagine always being aware of local and mutual aid area incidents. Imagine what this will do to improve multi-agency communication and response to multi-casualty, HazMat, and other large scale incidents between police, fire, and EMS responders.”


  •  Automates the transfer of emergency call information
  •  Improves emergency response times
  •  Reduces time spent on false alarms
  •  Provides for the real-time sharing of data
  •  Provides communication link between CAD systems and PSAPs
  •  Receiving PSAP immediately receives call information
  •  Sending PSAP receives acknowledgement of call received
  •  Easy to use and understand
  •  Access to reports of all FirstResponse911 transactions
  •  GPS mapping of incident location and responding units
  •  Calculates and recommends the closest station to the call
  •  Reduces liability and increases accountability