PSAP CAD-to-CAD Interoperability

Emergency Medical Dispatch SoftwareAn increasing demand and dwindling resources have combined to place a heavy burden on vital emergency dispatch systems. Modern emergency communication systems are also extremely complex operations that often involve multiple agencies.

FirstResponse911, is an innovative PSAP to PSAP software solution that provides reliable multi-jurisdiction call routing. It can ensure all emergencies calls are transferred to the appropriate agency with speed and efficiency.

What it Does: FirstResponse911 is an ideal tool for emergency medical dispatch centers that provides communication of real-time CAD data between two or more PSAPs. Used in conjunction with your existing 911 dispatch software, FirstResponse911 can seamlessly handle multiple live incidents involving multiple agencies across multiple jurisdictions, providing automated EMS call notification between communication centers, dispatch facilities and responding agencies based on existing MOUs, MOAs and existing operating procedures.

FirstResponse911 assures shorter response times and more efficient emergency response. Most of all, FirstResponse911 enables dispatchers to focus on incoming emergency calls so they can provide a much faster response.

The Need for Effective PSAP Software: The majority of PSAPs share information with other PSAPs via telephone line or radio. Using the telephone to exchange critical response information is time consuming, cumbersome, and prone to human error (i.e., forgetting to relay critical scene information or forgetting to transfer a call). Human error aside, emergency medical dispatch centers relying on traditional radio use alone may miss important information due to limited multi-agency frequency issues or heavy radio traffic. Augmenting your existing advanced medical dispatch software, FirstResponse911 makes the organization and transfer of CAD information between PSAPs more efficient, resulting in improved dispatch and response times.

Benefits of FirstResponse911 Software:

  • Automates the transfer of emergency call information based on existing MOUs, MOAs and existing operating procedures
  • Provides communication link between CAD systems and PSAPs
  • Receiving PSAP immediately receives call information
  • Sending PSAP receives acknowledgement of call received
  • GPS mapping of incident location and responding units
  • Calculates and recommends the closest station to the call
  • Access to reports of all FirstResponse911 transactions
  • Completely compatible with your existing emergency dispatch software
  • Improves emergency response times
  • Reduces liability and increases accountability

Implement Our 911 Dispatch Software Without Changing Existing Procedures

FirstResponse911 has been designed to be implemented without having to make changes to established procedures, processes or protocols. At a time where municipalities everywhere are forced to deal with budget shortages, it’s good to know that FirstResponse911 doesn’t require the purchase of additional hardware.

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