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Case Studies


  • MCI Management Whitepaper

    Whenever an MCI occurs, all the responding units have to thoroughly manage organizational and medical tasks that are typically not a part of their day-to-day routine.

  • EMS Workload Analysis Whitepaper

    Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers have to coordinate and collaborate with various transport units to ensure that emergency services are provided in a timely manner to save precious lives.


  • 9-1-1 System Performance

    Monitoring and measuring your agency’s 9-1-1 system performance can be a daunting challenge, simply because there’s so much information to extract from your 9-1-1 Computer-Aided Dispatch system.

  • Custom Unit Hour Utilization

    One of the best ways to reduce burnout and operational misunderstandings is to fairly balance the workload. The most creative and efficient way to balance workload is to monitor and respond to Custom Unit Hour Utilization (CUHU) data in real time.

  • Efficient Patient Distribution

    Regardless of your current multi-casualty incident (MCI) policy and protocol, one thing will never change: the chaotic “norm” of managing large scale MCIs.

  • Emergency Medical Dispatch

    When it comes to saving lives, call takers at your local PSAP play an important role in directing emergency resources to where they are needed the most.

  • EMS Software

    Spiraling costs and dwindling budgets have forced emergency operations to find ways to get more done with fewer resources. To meet the increased demands of today’s public safety services, agencies must provide robust, efficient functionality at an affordable cost.

  • Patient Allocation

    When it comes to responding to a mass casualty event or multi-casualty event, quick and effective response, treatment, patient allocation and transportation are vital components in providing an efficient life-saving response.

  • PSAP-to-PSAP Communications

    The failure to seamlessly communicate with other communication centers is one of the greatest ironies of the 911 emergency communications system.

  • MCI Management Software

    Is your emergency management system fully prepared to handle the next mass casualty incident?

  • EMS Reporting & Oversight

    According to a 2014 study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 40% of annual deaths in the US from each of the five leading causes could potentially be prevented.

  • EMS Recruitment & Retention

    Serving as an emergency medical services volunteer is a proud American tradition dating back many decades.

  • Triage Status

    Derived from the French word “trier,” triage means to separate or sort out.

Additional Resources

  • Resources for EMS Professionals

    As a leading provider of advanced public safety software solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of EMS agencies of all types, DataTech911 is proud to offer access to a wide range of resources for EMS chiefs and other EMS professionals.

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