Real-time EMS reports and actionable insights

DataWatch911 is a comprehensive 911 system management solution that provides real-time EMS analytics, reports and actionable insights into resource performance, incident response and CAD system performance. Use it to allocate and staff resources more effectively, respond faster to events as they unfold, and increase the overall accountability of your organization. Getting the best of an EMS team requires using resources where and when they are most effective.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time workload monitoring

    DataWatch911 delivers real time EMS reports as an incident develops, highlighting inefficiencies and other potential problems to prevent escalation.

  • Customizable dashboard

    DataWatch911 doesn’t force workflow changes. The system can be customized to put the most important information at your fingertips so you can work more efficiently.

  • Customized unit-hour utilization

    DataWatch911 provides EMS performance analytics to gauge the strengths of your staff, minimize workload imbalances and reduce burnout.

  • Compliance monitoring

    Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to manage contract compliance thresholds. Receive an automatic alert when compliance thresholds are being approached.

  • Automatic alerts

    DataWatch911 provides customizable performance thresholds through easy-to-use, pre-defined alerts that warn when staff and resources are stretched too thin.

  • Historical data

    Review, model, and analyze past response and incident data to support decision making, budgeting, equipment purchases and staffing levels.

In the emergency response sector, there is a clear need for sophisticated 911 system status management software that gives EMS providers the tools to respond to incidents faster and more effectively.  Combining EMS reporting and analytics software with real-time monitoring and alert capabilities, DataWatch911 is designed to streamline, improve and simplify EMS operations.

Use DataWatch911 to monitor computer aided dispatch data in any 9-1-1 call center. This powerful, multifaceted tool allows you to monitor EMS performance and workload data in real-time. DataWatch911 also helps facilities make the best use of limited resources by tracking inefficiencies and identifying opportunities for process optimization.

Turn raw data from your existing CAD system into clear graphs and reports. Powerful analytics allow the prediction of when and where staff and resources will be necessary to support the best EMS response.

Mecklenburg EMS Agency has relied on DataWatch911 for many years. It is a vital component of our dispatch operations which has helped us manage systems-wide productivity and accountability. It monitors total system performance, all compliance factors, and all customized workload metrics in real-time.

Todd Sims, Operations Manager, Medic (Mecklenburg EMS Agency)

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Work Smarter and Save Lives

When it comes to the performance of CAD systems, every tool that can help an agency work smarter provides the opportunity to save lives and respond faster to incidents. DataTech911 does this without disrupting your existing workflow.

To learn more about how DataWatch911 EMS system analytics software can improve the performance of your call center, contact us today for your free consultation.

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