The Road to Success - Optimizing Performance with Real-Time Data

RTEAM is a real-time solution that provides a powerful user-managed tool to create alerts and exceptions.
Alerts provide real-time notification of issues that need immediate action in the field, in operations, and in dispatch.
Exceptions are captured in real time to be reviewed and analyzed. A workflow process provides mechanisms for timely collection of relevant information enhancing the quality and accuracy of the data necessary for root cause analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage EMS Operations

    Battalion Chiefs, Supervisors and EMS Managers can create unique filters to create Alerts or Exception Tracking on any call interval or blocks of intervals from Ring-Queue-Dispatch-Chute-Travel-On Scene-Transport-Drop.

  • Personnel Perfomance

    Response time, turnaround time, chute time, problem nature, and transport refusals are some of the metrics that are instrumental in recognizing training opportunities.

  • Improved Patient Care and Outcomes

    Providing alerts to the appropriate physicians, hospital EDs, and public health personnel when specific types of emergencies occur is instrumental in improving patient care and outcomes.

Daily Use Cases

  • Opioid Crisis Management

    Using RTEAM in conjunction with 9-1-1 call information, ePCRs and, social services can support and assist a more uniform and complete solution to the opioid epidemic. Tracking real-time data can identify overdose hot spots, track naloxone saves from ePCRs, create reports for follow-up and outreach support, and more.

  • Stroke, STEMI, Sepsis

    Although Stroke, STEMI and Sepsis differ in cause, clinical presentation and treatment priorities, a rapid diagnosis, stabilization and transport to an appropriate facility is key to proper care and improved patient outcomes.

  • Exception Tracking

    Monitor exceptions, as they occur, to assign a reason code through an easy-to-use workflow. Use the collective results to determine the root cause and a course of action.

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