Providing access to incidents and patient transport in real-time from the CAD systems

StatusNet911 is a powerful solution connecting hospital, dispatch and first responders with real-time situational data. It is an easy-to-use system that provides local, regional and state views of resource availability, triage status, and system outages in order to support real-time response to multi-casualty and routine incidents. Health Systems benefit by more effectively managing resources system-wide and interfacing with community first responders and transport agencies.

Features & Benefits

  • Cloud-based management system

    Emergency room and ED triage status information is stored remotely on StatusNet911’s secure cloud server, ensuring first responders in the field can access the latest information and updates as events unfold.

  • Multi-system coordination

    StatusNet911 automatically links disparate platforms, giving a clear picture of operations across the entire response network in real-time.

  • Instant information to all EDs

    As soon as an MCI is declared, StatusNet911’s disaster management software alerts and shares all relevant data to all StatusNet911 member facilities. Hospitals have the necessary data, available before the patient arrives, to coordinate triage efforts.

  • 9-1-1 Hospital ED dashboard

    Dispatch information for EMS incidents is immediately forwarded to Hospital EDs as it is reported to the 9-1-1 call taker.

  • Hospital diversion data

    By monitoring availability of specialized equipment, StatusNet911 ensures proper patient allocation, effective routing and dispatch, thereby improving patient outcomes.

  • Hospital ED triage status

    Monitor the triage status and bed availability at nearby hospitals to improve patient allocation and resource utilization.

How Does StatusNet911 Help?

StatusNet911 is a collaborative tool that allows dispatchers, charge nurses, and on-scene staff to share important information about patient needs and available resources. It provides situational awareness when timely information means the difference between life and death.

On the dispatch side, users are able to better understand the current hospital resource availability in their region. This means that if resources are unavailable or machines are inoperable, dispatchers will be able to route patients to a facility that is able to provide them with the best possible patient care. Dispatchers, or Medical Duty Officers, also have the emergency department current turnaround time at their fingertips to better understand the load in the EDs so that they can route patients to a nearby ED that is less busy. This is both beneficial to the EMS agency as their unit will get back in service quicker and to the patient who will undoubtedly receive appropriate care earlier.

On the ED admissions side, users are able to receive alerts when a patient is assigned to a hospital or healthcare facility, so users will be aware what is coming to them and will be able to adequately prepare for their arrival.

StatusNet911 is a useful part of everyday operations. Many of our clients use StatusNet911 for their HEAR tests, and also perform all-calls to share information about inoperable equipment or system wide alerts such as BOLOs or increased patient traffic due to localized epidemics. This can help proactively increase transport efficiency.

StatusNet911 is trusted by EMS agencies, emergency medical teams and hospitals. Staff members use it to share real-time ED triage status updates, hospital diversion status, and hospital bed availability during MCIs.

StatusNet911 is one of the most important tools in our EMS System. We depend on StatusNet911 to send critical information to hospitals, maintain real-time status of hospitals, and to assist in the management of multi-casualty incidents.

Daniel Lynch, EMS Director, Central California EMS Agency

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StatusNet911 is implemented without deviation from current operating procedures. It integrates seamlessly with existing CAD systems to provide increased transparency and improved communications during MCI and disaster responses, as well as routine incident traffic.

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