Public Health Monitoring Software

DataTech911 solutions provide real-time public safety management tools for police, fire, EMS, hospitals, HazMat and public health departments. DataTech911’s public safety 911 data software is designed to meet the demonstrated need for timely, effective and scalable information management and enhanced emergency 911 CAD coordination for the next generation of 911.

All of our public safety software solutions can be implemented without having to make changes to your normal operating procedures, processes and protocols and do not require additional hardware. Learn more about our entire suite of 911 system software solutions and how they can enhance the speed and efficiency of your EMS.

Multi-Source Real Time Biosurveillance

BioAlert911 monitors biological and chemical threats by tracking multi-agency variables in real-time, making it an invaluable infectious disease detection software tool. This advanced public safety software aggregates data from emergency medical systems, 911 CAD and communication centers, hospitals, clinics, schools, vector control, and other participating entities.

BioAlert911 public health monitoring software provides an effective community health surveillance system solution designed to meet the challenge of multi-organizational use in the real-time monitoring, alerting, and early detection of public health issues and in supporting infectious disease prevention efforts. It can also enhance surveillance efforts related to bio-outbreaks and potential bio-terrorism activity over a broad geographic area. More…

Unlock Raw CAD Data in Real Time

Accurately monitoring and measuring the true operational and response quality of your emergency response service is the key to maintaining your department’s level of excellence. DataWatch911‘s dashboard will automatically monitor, report, alert, and graph your real-time operational status, performance, and all other mission-critical response variables.

This advanced public safety and emergency response monitoring software offers a fully integrated, real time response evaluation system to help you meet and exceed mandated service parameters and contractual response requirements. More…

PSAP CAD-to-CAD Interoperability

FirstResponse911is a fully interoperable, fully automated emergency call notification and enhanced communication solution connecting primary PSAPs, secondary PSAPs, and other emergency response agencies, providing a seamless CAD-to-CAD/PSAP-to-PSAP interface.

This public safety software provides automated call routing and notification, call acknowledgment and incident queues, fully integrated maps, geo-coding, unit tracking, text messaging, multi-vendor 911 CAD integration, and much more. More…

Response Coordination and Mass Casualty Incident Support

When it comes to emergency response management, ED status reporting and alerts, patient tracking, and multi-agency communication is critical to manage multi-casualty incidents. Imagine integrating your public health department, EMS agency, first responders (police/fire/EMS), 911 PSAPs, ED’s, and all other entities into one easy to use and affordable system providing enhanced communication, incident and asset tracking, and management.

StatusNet911 provides a cloud based response coordination platform during MCIs for your public health department, EMS agency, first responders (police/fire/EMS), PSAPs, and hospital EDs. This cutting-edge public safety software provides at-a-glance, always-on alerts on changes to hospital status and diversion information to all EMS personnel. StatusNet911 provides a 24/7 open line of communication between all emergency system participants. Communicate with hospitals, EDs, public health departments, first responders, police, fire, EMS, Hazmat, or any other organization.

StatusNet911 public safety software links individual emergency response agencies and coordinators in a single, easy-to-use county-wide application. Emergency communications personnel can monitor hospital diversions and mass casualty incidents. Hospitals and incident commanders manage MCIs and distribute field patients via the StatusNet911 interface. More…