Emergency Medical Dispatch Software

FirstResponse911 emergency medical dispatch software provides reliable multi-jurisdiction call routing, automated EMS call notification, and other advanced features that help improve response times and resource utilization. Designed to easily integrate and unify multiple emergency communications systems, FirstResponse911 simplifies PSAP to PSAP interoperability and reduces errors in forwarding calls to the correct agency.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic emergency call transfer

    Automatically transfer call information based on MOU, MOA and existing operating procedures. FirstResponse911 reduces errors and inefficiencies in call routing across jurisdictions.

  • Call receipt acknowledgment

    Reduce the potential for dropped calls. PSAP operators automatically receive acknowledgment that their transfer was completed successfully.

  • CAD/PSAP data linkage

    Automatically link between PSAPs, eliminating the need for manual data transfer and inaccuracies in routing data to the correct dispatcher.

  • Rules-based dispatch

    Using sophisticated logic engines, FirstResponse911 automates the routing of dispatch calls, supporting error-free transfers and providing system acknowledgements.

  • Nearest-station calculation

    Provide dispatchers with real-time awareness of responder proximity. Automatically determine the closest response station to ensure the appropriate team is assigned to the incident first.

  • Transparent transaction reporting

    Reporting features perform system-wide strength and weakness assessments using quantified, actionable intelligence to fine-tune processes and improve response times to future incidents.

It’s no secret that emergency response call centers today are forced to contend equally with dwindling resources and increasingly complex 911 call transfer systems. At the same time, the expense and effort of retraining your staff on new, time-saving workflows is frequently prohibitive. As a result, many facilities simply give more responsibilities to their team members, resulting in decreased response times, more errors and less effective deployment of limited resources.

FirstResponse911 is a powerful PSAP to PSAP software solution that is designed to meet the realities of today’s call centers. Incorporating automated archiving and receipt acknowledgement and a suite of powerful reporting tools, FirstResponse911 serves as a bridge between EMS providers.

FirstResponse911 is a digital solution that increases accuracy and improves response times. It is capable of seamlessly handling several multi-jurisdiction incidents at once. FirstResponse911 ensures CAD data is properly transferred to the right call center, retaining a permanent record of each transaction. This permanent record of calls can be used to further refine EMS response processes.

FirstResponse911 works with installed systems expanding their capabilities and helping them to communicate effectively with each other. FirstResponse911 does not replace systems, it is a solution to unify overall system responsiveness, increase productivity and improve productivity.

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